September 30, 2023

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He has every workplace. some more than others. Often we work with them and sometimes for them. Idiots can be anywhere and everywhere. They are not confined to one sector of the work force, certain parts of society or particular suburbs. To quote child actor Haley Joel Osment from the 1999 film The Sixth Sense: I see idiots everywhere. They move around like you and me. They just don’t know they are stupid.

One of the unfortunate things about nerds is that there is no single definition of what one is. While your colleague may think the new manager is stupid for making a particular decision, you see it differently. You see someone who is not yet aware of the ramifications of his decisions. You feel a little sorry for them and hope they realize their impact soon.

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If two people can look at the same situation and reach very different conclusions, it is fair to say that the situation is not a reason for the label. If it were, everyone would wear the same label. Rather, the label stems from your reaction to the event and your assessment of it.

So it is more accurate to say that it is your reaction rather than what they did that gets them labeled as stupid. You and your co-workers may see the same impact of the decision, yet they see a fool while you see someone struggling in a new position. This is a very different opinion from the same incident. And here’s the key to fewer idiots at work. If you want fewer nerds at work, just ask yourself this question, ‘What in me motivates nerds’.

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you trigger me!

The answer to this question cannot be ‘He did X’. That’s what they did, not what triggered it in you. This is an answer to a different question and will not remove any idiots. What is it that you are experiencing in their body that has triggered and is causing you to label them as an idiot?

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This is a more vague answer to come, but it could be something like ‘it frustrates me when people do X’. This is a valid answer. But that reaction of frustration is entirely within you. You are responsible for what happens in your body. It’s probably a little unfair to call someone an idiot because of what happened to your body. How are they supposed to know what will or won’t trigger you?

eliminate idiots

If a fool does something and you don’t react to it, is he still a fool? It may sound corny, but it is the key to keeping all the idiots out of your job. just don’t react. If it’s your reaction that causes you to see someone as stupid, then not reacting means that you don’t see them that way. It sounds so simple it couldn’t work. But this is the only way to eliminate fools.

When someone does something that bothers you, feel the sensation in your body without reacting to it. Feel it, experience it and let it pass when it is ready for it. just don’t react. This shall pass – nothing lasts forever. You can still act on what they’ve done, but do it without reacting. When you don’t react, you’re less likely to make rash decisions and you don’t have to deal with the glitches that usually happen.

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Not reacting does not mean suppressing. Repression is pushing the sensations down so you don’t have to feel it. Bottling up what we feel will never be good enough. Feel the sensation in your body and experience it for what it is. all you have to do is

When we don’t react we don’t label people unfairly, we have the ability to connect with them in their world and we have fewer idiots we have to deal with. It’s a win for all.

5 steps to deal with idiots:

Know that idiots are sent to trigger us. They give us a valuable opportunity to deprogram our automatic responses. identify. We experience that trigger as a sensation in our body. We call someone stupid only when they evoke a specific sensation in us. Triggers and sensations are different for each person. feedback. It is our reaction to that sensation that causes us to label them as a fool. Experience. Instead of reacting, just feel the sensation. Just be with the sensation and feel it as it is. The sensation will pass. Deactivate – When the sensation is experienced the trigger becomes inactive and it loses its power over us. When this happens we will not be agitated by them and we will not see them as a fool. Then we’ll have fewer idiots to deal with.

Written by Darren Fleming.
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