December 9, 2023

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Refrigerators keep our foods fresh and safe to eat, but are you underusing this kitchen appliance?

Besides food and drink, there are likely other items around your home that could benefit from refrigeration.

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Following are some of the items that you should keep in the fridge today. Just be sure to avoid them when you’re half asleep and looking for that midnight snack.

fresh cut flowers
fresh cut flowersDenis Kalinichenko /

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The concept here is very simple: Just as the fridge preserves fruits and vegetables, it does the same for fresh-cut flowers, says floral service Teleflora. So if you are not going to take the bouquet to the recipient right away, put it in the fridge for a while.

teeth whitening kit
Woman using teeth whitening kitby antoniodia /

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To help teeth whitening kits maintain their effectiveness, Crest recommends not storing them in direct sunlight or any other area that could get very hot. Depending on your climate, this may include frizz, say the makers of Whitestrips:

“For some, under a bathroom cabinet or in a linen closet is appropriate. Others who live in extremely hot climates may wish to store a tooth whitening kit in the refrigerator.

Avoid the freezer though.

aloe gel
woman with aloe gelatonstenka /

When you get a bad sunburn, aloe gel can provide cooling relief. Keep the gel in the fridge to keep things extra cool.

eye cream
moisturizing creamEkaterina Solodilova /

Like aloe gel, the benefits of keeping eye cream in the fridge are largely sensory. When your eyes are a little puffy, a cool eye cream can make you feel great.

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some medicines
man preparing insulin pendglimages /

The fridge is a bit too humid for storing many types of medicines. But others may benefit from refrigeration, such as insulin.

For other medicines, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether a fridge makes sense.

Photographer using Polaroid camerallandru /

Like vinyl records, Polaroid photos are making a nostalgic comeback. Polaroid recommends storing your film packs in the refrigerator to help keep the film chemistry stable, meaning “your photos achieve and retain the best color, contrast and detail for as long as possible.”

However, allow the film to return to room temperature before use. Polaroid recommends waiting at least one hour.

Like a teeth whitener, avoid the freezer. This can harm the film chemistry.

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