October 3, 2023

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Sugar and alcohol are two substances that we ingest in relatively large amounts of what our bodies are designed to host. Today we talk about why we love them so much.

Carbs are an amazing energy source and are useful for the human body. Energy is important for carrying out the functions of our body and helping our mind to think. They are found in most fruits and many vegetables and in fairly good amounts. While all the carbs we’ll need are stored in this natural pharmacy, we want to see them in other foods as well. For starters, our diets today don’t include as many fruits and vegetables as they should, and are therefore a poor source of carbs from plants.
On the other hand, another source of carbs is found in bread and pasta. Not eating a lot of fruit would simply mean that we would have to find another source to replace the carbs we need. This source is given either by bread and pasties or by sugar which is included in all sweets and candies. So, we can say that since carbs are beneficial and we don’t take them from the right source, they will be replaced by some other source.
This leads us to the next question. So why do we choose candies over fruit? There are two reasons why we do this. The number one reason is that it is more convenient. Sweets and other non-nutritious products sold in supermarkets all fall into the “comfort food” category. Candies are packed in nice packages with a certain amount of food inside. That way, you can calculate how much you ate, and there’s no risk of food spoilage. The preservatives used in candies will help you keep them in your kitchen for quite some time. In contrast, real fruit needs to be fresh, and can be damaged if not packed properly. These details frustrate consumers who lead a hectic life.
Another major reason we turn to sweets is that sugar is addictive. The more we eat of it, the more we need it. However, it turns out to be nothing but a trap. If we take carbs in the form of sugar, then the blood sugar level increases straight away, but after a while it completely falls down. On the other hand, stored carbs in fruits come in another form. They provide energy to our body but the amount of this energy slowly slides inside us. So we have more energy for longer periods of time without experiencing these rapid upswings in our energy. However, our body recognizes pure sugar as a better energy source because it can get us high very quickly.

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Addiction to alcohol also happens, but people have to drink a lot before they become an alcoholic. Most drinkers are not addicted to alcohol and are probably only occasional or social. Nevertheless, we usually drink more than we should, and as we grow older, this is not accepted by the body.
The main reason someone enjoys drinking alcohol is because of the mental stimulation. The taste isn’t sweet, so enjoyment may take a while, but once the alcohol gets into our bloodstream, our hearts become euphoric. Alcohol helps us in two ways. The first has to do with the thoughts we have about ourselves. You see, when we drink, we can choose which new version of our personality we will be. When we drink, we are more social and confident. We can be the soul of the party, and others can adore us. Apart from what others think about us, it is also important what we think about others. The dizziness that comes with alcohol allows us to see things brighter than they are. We tend to like our friends more, and that’s probably why they like us in the first place. If there’s anything real about it, it’s that soon its unpleasant effects will lead us to quit drinking.

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