December 9, 2023

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heroine Told On Thursday it is hiring 150,000 employees in the US to help manage the holiday rush.

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The retail giant typically staffs around the peak holiday shopping season, bringing in hordes of temporary workers so it can better meet demand.

Amazon said it is hiring full-time, seasonal and part-time workers who can pick, pack, store and ship items in its warehouses.

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The company, staring at an ultra-tight labor market, last week raised its average starting wage for warehouse and delivery workers from more than $18 an hour to more than $19 an hour. Amazon said Tuesday that it is offering sign-on bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the region, in another sign it is offering sweet perks to attract and retain workers.

The hiring ramp comes as Amazon prepares to host a Prime Day-like deal bonanza next week, the second time it will hold two such events in the same year. The event will serve as an early kickoff, with some analysts projecting a slow holiday season amid rising inflation and fears of a recession.

Macro concerns, along with pandemic-induced expansion, have prompted Amazon to slash spending across several areas of the company. In recent months, Amazon has closed or canceled the launch of new facilities, and is delaying the opening of some new buildings because its pandemic-driven expansion has left it with too much warehouse space. In Second quarterThe company grew its head count by 99,000 people to 1.52 million employees.

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Amazon is hiring as many employees as it said it would add last year, as other retailers ramp up their holiday staffing plans. walmart Last month it said it would bring in 40,000 seasonal and full-time workers, a more modest target than last year, when it said it would add 150,000 associates and 20,000 supply chain workers to help with the holiday rush.