September 24, 2023

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao on Monday to discuss industrial and supply chain stabilization, according to a commerce ministry statement.

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“The two sides exchanged views on issues such as the development of Apple in China and the stabilization of industrial and supply chains,” said a statement from China’s Ministry of Commerce.

Apple declined to comment on Cook’s activities in mainland China, where he was one of a handful of top US executives attending the weekend’s China Development Forum.

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Cook and Wang met after months of lockdown and Covid restrictions in China. Photos and videos of workers fleeing lockdown restrictions at Foxconn’s flagship iPhone plant in China went viral on social media late last year.

Communist Party officials made it clean Reassuring corporate leaders and allaying their concerns about manufacturing and reliable production in China is a top priority.

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“China will resolutely promote high-level openness, continuously promote rules, regulations, management, standards and other institutional openness,” Wang’s ministry statement said.

The meeting comes as Apple reportedly works to move some production out of china, Major supplier Foxconn is set to open a massive factory in Bengaluru, India.

– CNBC’s Hilary Pan and Eunice Yoon

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