September 24, 2022

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The much-awaited sports matchup will not be on TV this Friday.

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It is streaming on Apple TV+.

Apple’s streaming service has exclusive rights to play the Red Sox at the Yankees on Friday. The game has attracted attention not only because the Yankees are playoff-bound and playing their top opponent, but also because their star slugger Aaron is closing in on the judges. American League Home Run Record And Could Break It On Friday,

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This is a major test for Apple’s ambition to become a service for live sports and whether high-profile games can increase Apple’s subscriber numbers or serve other business purposes, such as selling Apple products to current users. To make more valuable for. Apple’s baseball broadcasts don’t follow a team, instead selecting a marquee matchup or two each Friday night. But while there were high-profile games and big stars this year, this Friday will see the biggest star of baseball’s most valuable team chasing a decades-old record.

Sports broadcasting can be a powerful tool for attracting users to new services. For example, when Amazon Prime aired Thursday Night Football last week, it attracted the most new Prime signups in the company’s history in a span of three hours, leaving behind big shopping days like Black Friday. , according to a memo seen by CNBC.

That said, pro football is still a much bigger draw than baseball in America. (Nielsen says 13 million people watched Amazon’s NFL broadcast last week; 400,000 viewers have a good night for Yes Network, according to New York Daily News, Amazon is a part-owner of yes.)

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When Apple began broadcasting MLB earlier this year, it said the games were free “for a limited time,” but it has yet to start charging for access to baseball games. Currently, users only need an Apple ID — one account — but are not required to pay $5 per month for Apple TV+. Even though the service is free, some users have expressed Disappointment About the game not being on its usual channel with its usual broadcasters.

The anticipation of Friday’s game is so high that the Yankees home channel, YES, has unsuccessfully tried to withdraw broadcasts from Apple, The New York Post reported on Thursday,

Apple has never disclosed the subscriber count or audience for any of its shows or broadcasts on Apple TV+. It takes a quality over quantity approach and focuses on rewards as a key metric to gauge the success of its scripted shows.

Departing from its historical priorities, Roku has created Apple TV+ apps for a number of non-Apple platforms, including Amazon’s Fire TV, Google TV, and game consoles, helping its broadcast reach a wider market.

In addition to baseball, Apple has also entered into an agreement with Major League Soccer to exclusively broadcast its matches. But the NFL remains the biggest sports streaming award. As previously reported by CNBC, Apple has bid for NFL Sunday Ticket, a package of rights to out-of-market NFL games, competing against Amazon and ESPN parent Disney.

Apple declined to comment on viewership.