September 24, 2023

Renowned art collector Peter Brandt has selected more than 100 artworks by Andy Warhol from his vast collection for an exhibition to be held from May 10 to July 31 at his foundation’s museum space in New York.

exhibition, one to thirty is good The Brandt Foundation said Friday it will survey the entirety of Warhol’s artistic practice, from his earliest drawings, Polaroids, to instantly recognizable silkscreens and sculptures. It takes its title from Warhol’s 1963 artwork, which depicts 30 scaled-down, silk-screened images of da Vinci. Mona Lisa,

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Brent, 76, became a close friend of Warhol with their first meeting in 1967 and remains one of the foremost collectors of the artist’s works. The first purchase of Warhol’s work by Brandt was the drawing Campbell’s Soup Can (Chicken with Rice)1962 onwards shot light blue marlin1964. In accordance with his namesake foundation, his collection would expand to include significant works from each decade of Warhol’s career, in different mediums.

When Warhol co-founded Interview magazine in 1969, Brandt was his publisher. The two also worked together in two films, Andy Warhol’s L’Amour in 1973 and bad of andy warhol In 1977. Brant was also a co-producer of the Emmy-award winning PBS documentary Andy Warhol: A Documentary (2006).

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The Brant Foundation purchased the museum’s space in the late artist Walter De Maria’s former studio in the East Village for US$27 million years ago. It opened in 2019 after renovation, only to close and cancel its planned exhibitions during the pandemic.

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It was reopened in November 2021, when Brent sold one of Warhol’s works, a portrait of fellow artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, at Christie’s in New York, with fees, for US$40 million.

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The exhibit includes a group of Warhol’s early works created as a commercial painter in the 1950s. This group is highlighted by Elvis Presley (Gold Boots) (1956) And mae west (1956), a copperplate depicting the actress’ shoes.

The 1960s artworks display what is now his most notable style: photographic silkscreen techniques, including portraits of celebrities such as Licorice Merlin1962 and Liz #5 (Early Colored Liz), 1963), and imagery of everyday objects such as Brillo pads and Campbell’s soup. Works from this period also included Most Wanted Men No. 5, Arthur Alvin M., 1964, and 12 Electric Chairs1964, part of Warhol death and disasters series.

Later works include Vorhol skulls series from 1976 and some of his last works before his death in 1987, including a 1986 series centered around da Vinci last meal,

The exhibition will also include some of Warhol’s works created in collaboration with Tiffany & Co., such as pin the tail on the Donkey, a folding screen made in 1954 for Tiffany’s window. Tiffany is the major sponsor of the exhibition. Brent, a publisher and owner of the polo club, could not be reached for comment. Earlier this month, he and his supermodel wife, Stephanie Seymour, made their list Mansion in Palm BeachFlorida, for $28 million.