October 7, 2022

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For many years, credit unions did not receive as much attention as commercial banks. They are usually small, limited to a small regional footprint, and they focus more on their existing members rather than trying to entice more people to join.

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But as credit unions continue to grow in popularity, we’re starting to see them increasing their marketing budgets, and the point more fitting for you right now, is their bonuses.

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In fact, a few years ago, I didn’t see many credit unions offering a new account bonus.

Today, you can find many very popular bonuses from credit unions with very generous membership policies.

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Here are some great bonuses:

Get up to $2000 with a Citi Priority Account today!

Citi Priority is offering up to $2000 when you open a Citi Priority account by 1/9/2023.

Then, within 20 days of opening your account, deposit New-to-City® funds and keep it there for 60 days after day 21. The bonus is based on the amount transferred by you.

This is a limited time offer so don’t wait!

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Don’t have nearly that much cash? Consider this handy $150 or $200 bonus offer from Discover Bank instead!

Table of ContentsAbout Credit Union Membership Terms PSECU – $250 SECU – $200Alliant Credit Union – Up to $100BECU – $100USECU – Up to $300 KeyPoint Credit Union – $300 Provident Credit Union – $300Credit Union 1 – $500About Credit Union Membership Terms

With commercial banks, there are no “membership rules”. This is a credit union rule. For an institution to be a credit union, they must (among other rules) limit membership to a subset of the entire population. There’s no rule on how they ban it – there just has to be a restriction.

With commercial banks, there are no such rules. When you see that a bank only offers accounts in certain states, it is because they are only allowed to operate in those states.

As with a credit union, you must qualify for membership through another organization. For example, PSECU is the Pennsylvania State Employees’ Credit Union and membership was originally limited to employees of the state of Pennsylvania. It has since expanded to include individuals who have joined the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) – and PSECU will also pay your membership dues.

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PSECU still restricts its membership, thus keeping with the rules, but anyone can join as anyone can join the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society. Many credit unions do this, although some members will also pay a membership.

It’s a small price to pay to join a credit union, but a hoop you have to jump through.

Now, on to the Best Credit Union Bonus!

PSECU – $250

The Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) $250 bonus promotion is really easy to get.

all you have to do is:

Join PSECU by clicking this link to visit the site and join them using promo code UPTO250PROMO. Once you join, add a free checking account ($5 minimum deposit) within 90 days to receive a $100 bonus with debit card and digital banking, then within 90 days of membership, establish a qualified direct deposit Which is at least $200 to get an additional $150.

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(Offer expires on 12/31/2022)

SECU – $200

SECU is the Maryland State Employees Credit Union and when you:

Open a SECU Total™️ checking and rewards account with $10, qualify by joining SECU MD Foundation with a one-time donation (no amount listed), sign up for an e-statement and make a minimum of $500 per month Direct Submit Qualification. Which gets posted to your checking account within 90 days.

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(Offer expires 11/30/2022)

Alliant Credit Union – $100 . until

Alliant Credit Union has several bank promotions going on right now but the simplest doesn’t require direct deposit.

Open a new Alliant credit union account, qualify by becoming a member of Foster Care for Success (Alliant will pay a $5 membership fee for you), deposit $100 per month for 12 months, $100 at the end of those 12 Will collect bonus. month.

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The deposit doesn’t have to be a direct deposit from your employer, government benefits, or anything like that. This is just a regular deposit. This is a simple bonus but it takes a whole year to get it.

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(Offer expires on 12/31/2022)

BECU – $100

BECU is the Boeing Employees Credit Union but you don’t have to work at Boeing to get $100 to open a new account with them.

Open a checking and savings account using promo code CAREERPATH, qualify by joining KEXP with a one-time donation of $10, then: Take 5 or more eligible actions from this list: Shop using your BECU Debit MasterCard® Write a check or pay using an electronic check bill payer, depositing $500 or more into your checking account.

Full details of the promotion are in this flyer but the link below takes you to the application page.

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(Offer expires on 12/31/2022)

USECU – $300 . until

USECU began in 1936 for the benefit of the Division of Highway Employees of San Diego, but has since expanded to several categories of state employees, including University of California students, alumni, staff, and faculty. There is no affiliated organization you can join but the eligibility criteria are quite large – if you are a resident of California you may qualify.

To get this level bonus:

Open a new checking account with eStatements (promo code newmover) – Receive $50 Receive direct deposit of at least $250 within 90 days – Receive $50 Keep your account open for 6 months – Receive $100 Keep your account open for 1 year – get $100

If you meet all the requirements, that’s $300.

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(Offer expires on 9/30/2022)

Keypoint Credit Union – $300

KeyPoint Credit Union is a California-based credit union that began in 1979 as AEA Credit Union. It now has 7 branches and more than 63,000 members.

They have a $300 offer divided into a series of three bonuses:

Open a new checking account with $25 minimum deposit – Get eligible to receive $50 when you join the Financial Fitness Association – Keypoint will seamlessly arrange for your enrollment in FFA and there is no cost to you, a minimum of $1,000 Set up a direct deposit amount of within 50 days – Receive $200 Make 40 or more purchase transactions within three months after account opening – Receive $50

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(Offer expires on 9/30/2022)

Provident Credit Union – $300

Provident Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in California and was founded in 1950 to serve the California Teachers Association. It now has over 133,000 members.

To receive $300, you must:

Open a new account with promo code 9772 and deposit a minimum of $25 within 60 days from account opening. Receive direct deposit or automatic credit of at least $500 for two consecutive months beginning in the month following your checking account opening, beginning in the month following your checking account opening. Enroll with valid e-mail address in Online Banking and e-documents

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(Offer expires on 9/30/2022)

Credit Union 1 – $500

CreditUnion1 began in 1958 as a credit union for personnel at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantaull, Illinois. It has since grown and expanded through a series of mergers.

To get this bonus:

Open an account online with CU1 with code CHK500. (You can call or visit a branch)Get eligibility through Credit Union 1 Educational Development Association. You will need to pay a $5 fee to join CU1EDA plus a one-time CU1 membership fee of $5. Ten rupees. Set up a direct deposit of $1,000 per month for 3 months Receive a $500 bonus after three months, keep account open for 12 months.

Word of warning – we have readers report that this bonus was difficult to obtain. Sometimes they were asked to visit a branch after trying to open one online. That’s why we’ve listed it last, despite the high dollar amount.

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(Offer expires on 9/30/2022)

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