September 30, 2023

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Even the most carefully laid plans have left countless individuals who have invested time, effort and finances to make their dreams a reality at a crossroads. It forces the strongest among us to reevaluate everything we’ve worked so hard for. Although these journeys can be difficult, they also teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and our abilities. As the saying goes, nothing in life is easy to achieve.

LeVar Sanders, also known as Baumman, can attest to the veracity of this statement. His lifelong passion for music has taken him on a turbulent path to success, full of unexpected twists and turns that can serve as an inspiration to anyone hoping for the same in their life. That’s the inspiring story told in the pages of his new book, Independent King.

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first step towards goal

Sanders was introduced to the music industry when he was in high school, as a member of a gospel rap trio. From then on, he knew that he had found his true love. It was then that Sanders met producer K-Rab, and the two became fast friends, planning to open a record label together.

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After high school, Laver continued his journey and attended Morris Brown College. That’s when life threw a curveball. With the college losing its accreditation and facing financial difficulties, Sanders was faced with a difficult decision. Trusting his instincts, he enlisted in the army, hoping to earn the money he needed to kickstart a record label.

However, life had other plans, and Sanders returned home from active duty as a disabled veteran, becoming a stay-at-home dad. Determined to change his situation and achieve the success he knew he was capable of, he delved into sales, eventually earning the moniker Boomman from customers who followed his growing success selling jewelry, cars, and shoes. mentioned.

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Sanders’ early failures taught him invaluable lessons. He knew what he wanted and had the hunger to lead. This sense of drive opened the doors for him to become the biggest club promoter in his field. With his rapidly growing fan base, he attracted the attention of a major record label and became a force in the genre, signing major names and even rapping on his own.

LeVar Sanders found the success he knew he would

In 2011, Sanders made his first million the following year collaborating with big names like Future, 2 Chainz, and Gucci. Although a tragic loss halted their momentum, they continued to support rising talent, playing a key role in the success of groups such as A1 Supergroup and Charlie Boy Gang.

Baumman’s astute business acumen and ability to identify and nurture talent have earned him a professional reputation as an artist, manager and label executive. He remains an innovative agent of change in the industry through his various ventures including his distribution company Muzik Junkie and his service-based company Authentic Empire.

Stepping into the role of LeVar Sanders, Baumman is still mindful of the lessons learned and the steps taken to achieve his goals. Now, planning to focus more on entrepreneurship, Laver is sharing his knowledge and experience through his masterclasses, A Million in 90 Days, and his upcoming book, Independent King. Despite the obstacles he has faced, Sanders’ unwavering belief in himself has led him to great success, and he looks forward to giving back to others through his educational ventures.

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About LaVour Sanders

LeVar “Boomman” Sanders is a music industry veteran and successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. He made his first million in 2011 and has since generated millions of dollars in income for himself and others, serving thousands of artists worldwide and freely distributing over 7,000 songs through his catalog. Sanders has established himself as an innovative agent of change in the music industry through his distribution company Muzik Junkie and his service-based Authentic Empire. He now focuses on entrepreneurship and building his empire, providing his expertise to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs through his masterclasses, A Million in 90 Days, and his upcoming book, Independent King.

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