September 24, 2023

After exceptionally positive price growth during March and April, it looks like bears may be back in crypto town after bitcoin broke its April low this week, sending the number one cryptocurrency as low as $26,840. Can Unfortunately, the fresh monthly low for bitcoin has stifled any potential market growth in the altcoin sector as it brought down the entire industry.

Ethereum is in the same boat after losing ground at $1,800 today. The cryptocurrency set a new monthly low, trading as low as $1,740 today. Despite the looming market downturn, it seems that traders have begun to hedge their bets by buying into crypto presales during dips as a method of parking their cash until the retracement is complete – in the presale data This is evidenced by the extremely high fundraising milestones.

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With the market headed down, here comes the Ethereum price prediction with three of the best crypto crash coins to buy this coming fall.

ETH Price Prediction: Will Ethereum Break the April 2023 Low?

Ethereum has seen remarkable price performance over the past two months after rising by more than 50% from March lows of $1,370 to peak at $2,140 in April. Unfortunately, the bulls could not propel ETH above the April high, and the market started trading in a range between $2,000 and $1,790.

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Despite the bearish sentiment, Ethereum is still on a bullish trajectory after rallying 55% from early 2023 prices to current price levels;

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The chart above shows Ethereum during 2023. We can clearly see that the upward swing from the beginning of the year has stalled since the April highs. Over the past fortnight, Ethereum traded sideways between $2,000 and $1,790, but a break below today’s range indicated a short-term bearish trend.

Looking ahead, if the sellers break the current support at $1,750 – provided by a .5 Fibonacci retracement level, the next support lies at $1,700 (July 2021 low). This is followed by support at $1,650 (June 2021 low) and $1,590. If the sellers continue to push ETH lower, further support lies at $1,510 (March 2021 low), $1,490, and $1,370 (March 2023 low).

On the downside, the first level of resistance lies at $1,910. This is followed by $2,000, $2,060, $2,100, $2,160, and $2,2200.

Unfortunately, the RSI is sitting below the median, indicating that sellers are controlling the market momentum. If the RSI continues to decline, we can expect the bearish momentum to increase and Ethereum to break below the April 2023 low.

Are traders betting by dumping ETH to buy low cap crypto presales

While the bulls are starting to show signs of weakness, it looks like traders are starting to hedge their bets by selling ETH to invest in some low-cap crypto presales. This is evidenced by the fact that some pre-sales are gaining significant momentum as their fundraising figures cross several million in investment.

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Here are three top crypto pre-sales active today that are worth investing in for significant gains in line during a market pullback.

aDog – Combining Memes and Artificial Intelligence to Build a Meme-to-Earn Ecosystem

AiDoge Its pre-sale this week is one of the hottest pre-sales in town after passing the $6 million fundraising milestone. Investors are rushing to this pre-sale because it combines two of the hottest trends in crypto right now – memes and artificial intelligence. The combination of these trends has created a revolutionary meme-to-earn ecosystem where users are rewarded for creating epic memes that go viral on the internet.

The project has created an unprecedented meme-generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to allow users with no artistic experience to create legendary memes. It is the first cryptocurrency project in the industry that uses artificial intelligence to generate memes. The team behind the project wants to merge meme culture with AI technology to create a new AI meme rewards platform.

Create Legendary Memes in Seconds and Earn Rewards

The team behind the project has simplified the process of creating memes, giving users a friendly interface where memes can be created using simple text-based prompts. These prompts are short descriptions typed by the user to describe the type of meme they wish to generate. Artificial intelligence will use this detail to generate a ready-to-publish meme in a matter of seconds.

The innovative part of the project is that the artificial intelligence used to generate memes has been trained on an extensive dataset of memes and crypto news, meaning it knows what type of memes users want to generate. Also, the team will keep updating the AI ​​with the latest news so that it is always up to date to generate timely memes.

Once a meme is created, it is sent directly to the Public Wall, a virtual space where users can upvote or downvote their favorite memes. Memes that rise to the top of the public wall are eligible to receive rewards in native tokens every month to encourage engagement in the platform. As a result, users are forced to think outside the box and the AI ​​is forced to use its full potential to create the best possible memes.

pre sales for AiDoge Currently sitting in the ninth phase, selling the token at a price of $0.0000292. So far, it has raised over $6 million in fundraising and shows no signs of slowing down. The pre-sale uses an incremental pricing strategy, meaning that the price of $AI will increase during each phase. For example, in the tenth stage, the price of the token rises to $0.0000296 and will continue to rise in the planned twenty stages. Therefore, it is essential to invest as early as possible so as to leave the fundraiser with a high degree of unrealized profit.

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The best thing about investing in this token is that it requires access to meme generators, which makes it very useful. For example, users who want to generate memes must purchase credits from the store using the $AI token, helping to secure the ongoing development and stability of the ecosystem.

Overall, there is a solid reason why a lot of ETH is being injected into AiDoge. Most of the investors are expecting huge returns from this project, some even expecting 100 times profit;

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yPredict – A revolutionary AI-powered analytics platform for better trading decisions

Presale is the next crypto to generate significant traction yPrediction, a next-generation AI-based trading research and analysis platform that provides data-driven insights to help traders make better trading decisions. Financial markets are losing predictability due to the increased use of bots and algorithms, with traders losing their statistical edge in the market. yPredict intends to change this by providing cutting edge financial forecasting models and metrics that help traders make smarter trading decisions.

The ecosystem is full of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, financial quants and traders who have grouped together to create a suite of products to help traders make wiser decisions when trading. The primary features of the platform are:

  • Prediction model market.
  • A trading analytics platform.
  • a trading terminal.
  • A High APY Staking Pool.

The best thing about the platform is that it connects developers and traders together, allowing developers to provide subscription-based models to list their financial forecasting models in a results-as-a-service-based economy Is.

yPred ecosystem provides utility for YPRED holders

The pre-sale is currently in its fourth phase selling YPRED tokens at a price of $0.05. The native token is essential to the ecosystem behind the platform as it is required to access trading analytics and subscribe to prediction models on the market.

all holders of YPRED Exclusive access to the yPredict analytics platform is provided, helping them gain an edge in the market. The YPredict analytics platform offers a new breed of trading tools that are fully powered by AI including pattern recognition, sentiment analysis and indicator analysis. The AI ​​is able to alert traders to potential breakouts and emerging trends before they occur, allowing them to invest before the market takes off.

In addition, YPRED tokens are also required to subscribe to the subscription-based financial model in the YPredict marketplace. Developers using their skills in the financial sector can list their predictive models as an outcome of the service, allowing traders to subscribe to them on a monthly basis using the YPRED token. Through the revenue generated, 70% goes directly to the developer, with the remaining 30% being injected back into the ecosystem.

The subscription model makes YPRED an attractive investment opportunity as it provides great utility for value growth as the ecosystem grows. There are a total of 100 million YPRED tokens, with half of the total supply locked up when the token is listed – making it an undervalued project with huge growth potential from launch.

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Again, the presale uses an incremental pricing strategy, meaning it is best to invest earlier to take advantage of higher unrealized profits when the presale ends.

Buy YPRED Today – Find The Next Best Web3 Emerging Trends To Invest In

This is the next best crypto coin to buy in this coming crash, a platform that provides all the tools a user needs to be successful in the web3 space. describes itself as the solution to Web3 and provides insights and learnings, trading alpha analytics and strategies to find the next best Web3 emerging trend to invest in.

This project is on a mission to revolutionize the way everyone invests in Web3 by providing a single dashboard to analyze and invest. The platform is intended to help users look beyond NFTs in Web3 to seek investment opportunities (although they can find great NFT opportunities there). It provides smart data, analytics and insights on crypto and NFT investments – all in one place.

The platform aims to humanize how people interface with Web3Space by making it more engaging, inclusive and easy to use – helping beginners overcome the technical jargon.

Use AI for ranking the best Web3 investment opportunities.

Users can find the next best NFTs, fractional assets, utility tokens, presales, P2E ecosystems, metaverse or crypto tokens on the platform. simultaneously, Provides an unbiased window into the latest Web3 investment opportunities. Its central portal helps individuals identify products relative to their interests so that they can be connected with the least amount of friction.

The best feature behind the platform is that all the best Web3 investment opportunities are ranked using an artificial intelligence, Launchpad Quotient (LQ). LQ provides users with a single value to represent the risk-to-reward opportunity with any Web3 project. Using up to 400 data points, LQ will provide a list of top opportunities using its pre-resourced AI models to help users find emerging patterns to alert on.

As well as finding the best Web3 opportunities, also includes a decentralized exchange, a Web3 wallet and a trading terminal – meaning users need not leave the platform to interact with Web3 projects on different platforms. Not there. Instead, they can simply connect their wallet and invest directly from the interface. is currently hosting a pre-sale for its native token LPX. The stake-to-access subscription service requires tokens to access the platform, providing utility and demand for native tokens. The pre-sale has raised a total of $300,000 and is currently selling tokens at $0.07. However, it is also using an incremental pricing mechanism, so it is best to invest as soon as possible to take advantage of the low prices.

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