September 24, 2023

EU sent on Tuesday Apple One updated list of objections as part of an ongoing antitrust case over its App Store rules for music streaming providers such as Spotify,

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The European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, launched an antitrust investigation into Apple in 2020, after Spotify complained about Apple’s licensing agreements in 2019. The agreements mean that app developers must pay a 30% commission on all subscription fees that come through the App Store. ,

On Tuesday, the commission scaled down its initial “statement of objections” against Apple, which it had issued in 2021. The statement initially alleged that Apple had “abused its dominant position” by imposing its in-app purchase payment technology on music streaming app developers. , and restricted developers’ ability to notify iOS users of other available music subscription services.

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The commission dropped the first charge on Tuesday and said it would focus on Apple’s anti-steering obligations.

Shares of Spotify and Apple were largely unchanged on Tuesday.

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“Today, the European Commission sent a clear message that Apple’s anti-competitive behavior and unfair practices have harmed consumers and disadvantaged developers for far too long,” Eve Constan, Spotify’s general counsel, said in a statement. “We urge the Commission to take an expeditious decision in this matter to protect consumers and restore fair competition on the iOS platform.”

Spotify, a direct competitor to Apple Music, is “by far” the most popular music streaming service in the US and UK, according to a report. Economist at Analysis Group, The report says that iPhone users in the US spend 50% more time on Spotify than on Apple Music, and the difference is even bigger in the UK.

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An Apple spokeswoman said the company would continue to promote competition and would work with the commission to respond to its concerns.

The spokesperson said, “We are pleased that the Commission has reduced its case and is no longer challenging Apple’s right to collect commission for digital goods and to require the use of in-app payment system users’ trust.” Is.” “The App Store has helped Spotify become the top music streaming service across Europe and we hope the European Commission will stop pursuing the complaint without any merit.”

The company said it has always worked to promote competition and will continue to promote choice for European consumers.