September 30, 2023

In the last few years, an Australian family has steadfastly refused to sell their nearly 5-acre property as developers have been forced to build around it.

Most recently, they turned down a whopping $50 million offer for their home, according to a local publication. 7News.

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Struck in the middle of new development in the Ponds area near the town of Quakers Hill, the Zammits said they couldn’t put a price on their beloved home.

This is in stark contrast to the adjacent rows of newly built houses that surround their longstanding property.

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Their neighbors have lauded their resilience as they enjoy the cul-de-sac this home creates in the middle by staying in place rather than having the typical through street.

“The fact that most people sold years ago, these guys are holding on. This is their merit, ”Taylor Bredin, an agent for Ray White Quakers Hill, told the agency.

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Bredin calculated that the land could accommodate up to 50 homes, each of which could cost a million dollars each.

Diane Zammit, 51, previously spoke to the publication and reminisced about the area’s past, describing it as “farming land dotted with small houses and red-brick cottages.”

“Each house was unique and had so much space but no more. It’s just not the same,” she said.

Much of the adjacent land was sold back in 2012, which 10 years ago would have valued the Zammits’ property at about $4.75 million.

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Their Windsor Castle-style home has a 650-foot driveway in the middle of a vast lawn.

The hotel is approximately 40 minutes from Sydney city center and offers panoramic views of the Blue Mountains.

Neighboring apartment buildings are built up right at the border of the site.

It is estimated that the property could be sold for $50 million.
7 News

The house is located on 5 acres of land.
7 News

Slow motion video on twitter showed the house standing valiantly among the surrounding construction for many years.

“Poor guys. They just want to live in peace,” one person commented.

The man replied: “True, but at the moment $50 million is not enough to buy a house with a good piece of land so that this situation does not happen again, since they own the adjacent land.”

“Again, if the house has a lot of sentimental value for the owners, I can totally agree with their decision.”

Maybe you can’t put a price on happiness after all.