December 4, 2022

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How to use italic font in R The post first appeared on Data Science Tutorials

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How to Use Italic Fonts in R To create an italic typeface in R plots, use the basic syntax shown below.

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R. how to use italic font in

These examples demonstrate how to apply this syntax in real-world situations.

Example 1: Plot title in italic font

The code below demonstrates how to use italic fonts in plot titles in R:

specify data

x Create a scatterplot with an italicized title.

plot(x, y, main = options(paste(italics(scatterplot of ‘x vs y’))))

Note that we can choose to italicize only certain words in the title:

Create a scatterplot with only part of the title italicized.

plot(x, y, main = substitute(paste(italics(‘scatterplot’), ‘x vs y’)))

Example 2: Italic font on the axis label of the plot

Create a scatterplot with axes labeled in italics

plot(x, y, xlab = substitute(paste(italic(‘X label’))), ylab = substitute(paste(italic(‘Y label’)))))

Example 3: Italic font with text in the plot

Now add italic text at the location x=3, y=16

text(3, 16, substitute(paste(italics(‘’))))

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How to use italic font in R The post first appeared on Data Science Tutorials

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