December 4, 2022

The Justice Department is seeking to fast-track its appeal of a decision that delayed an investigation into documents seized at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, clarifying that prosecutors have told the US District Judge Allen has not challenged Cannon’s operation. Case.

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In a motion filed Friday evening, the Justice Department asked the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals to set an expedited schedule in appeals.

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The Justice Department’s appeal, filed earlier this month, challenges Cannon’s decision to halt the criminal investigation for months so that a court-appointed arbitrator known as a “special master” can review the evidence.

Tensions are high between the Trump-appointed federal judge and the special master recommended by the Trump team – and who has been appointed by that federal judge.

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Justice Department already won the initial On September 21 at the 11th Circuit, when the court put part of Cannon’s injunction on hold. The court said that the government can resume review of around 100 documents marked as classifiedRemoving those documents from special master review.

In Friday’s filing, prosecutors said they continued to suffer damage from Cannon’s injunction.

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