September 30, 2023

The party said abour’s plans for British industry could create up to 80,000 jobs in the automotive sector.

It comes as Sir Keir Starmer, fresh from success in local elections, is set to deliver a speech at the British Chambers of Commerce on Wednesday.

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The party said its plan to partially finance eight gigafactories would help create 80,000 jobs and power nearly two million electric vehicles.

Labor says the West Midlands will see 28,000 job gains and 11,000 jobs will be created in the North West under the plan.

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Sir Keir has already promised to deliver the highest sustainable growth in the G7 if Labor is voted to power after the next general election, while the party is seeking to put in place an industrial strategy council at statutory level as part of efforts to boost British industries. Also planning.

Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds said Labor would “make Brexit work” and provide a “modern industrial strategy”.

Mr Reynolds promised a bright future when Labor took office.

“Labour is ambitious for the future of Britain and our plans will bring investment and jobs to industrial sectors that we are proud of,” he said.

“The UK is a great place to work, grow or start a business, but firms need a government that will fight for them in an increasingly competitive global race.

“Labour will never be satisfied about our industrial base.

“We have a plan to ensure the jobs of the future in Britain.

“Labour will build the strong economic foundations business needs to succeed: growing our economy with a modern industrial strategy, our plan to make Brexit work, reforms to the apprenticeship levy and changes in occupational rates to give firms the flexibility they need Improvement.”

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But Business and Trade Secretary Cammy Badenoch hit out at Labor’s plans.

“The government has already provided billions in support for the UK automotive sector and other industries, and our upcoming plan for advanced manufacturing will further strengthen this government support for the future of industry in this country,” he added.

“In contrast, the Labor Party’s only plan is one that will ruin the economy by sticking tens of billions of pounds on the government’s credit cards and leave no money again.”