September 30, 2023

(NewsNation) — Hamish Harding, a 58-year-old British businessman, is among the passengers aboard the lacking submersible that was on its strategy to go to the wreck web site of the Titanic. His good friend describes him as “the quintessential British explorer.”

“Hamish is simply the sort of individual that if he had been born a number of centuries in the past, he would have been going to the South Pole, , a kind of expeditions or crusing world wide to find new lands. He’s a he’s an explorer, and really a lot a individuals individual,” mentioned Harding’s good friend and retired fighter pilot Colonel Terry Virts.

Virts joins “NewsNation Now” to speak about Harding as a large search continues for the deep-sea vessel earlier than time runs out.

“I believe they’re in all probability caught on the backside of the ocean. You understand, that’s what we’re hoping that they are often discovered and by some means unentangled,” Virts mentioned.

Harding holds three Guinness World Data, together with the longest length at full ocean depth by a crewed vessel. In March 2021, he dived to the bottom depth of the Mariana Trench, and in June 2022, he went to area on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

Clarifying that wasn’t an knowledgeable on the matter, Virts added, “I might assume that had they gone to the floor, the vessel has that computerized system, it removes weight, and it floats up. Had they carried out that, I believe the airplanes would have discovered them or the boats would have discovered them with radar or visually.”

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