September 30, 2023

meta Inside the company will create a new product group focused on generative AI, a new set of machine learning techniques that allow computers to generate text, create images and other media similar to human output.

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The move comes as big tech companies and well-capitalized startups alike race to advance in machine learning technologies and incorporate artificial intelligence models into their products.

Unit Combines Multiple Teams at Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post, The new group will be organized under current Chief Product Officer Chris Cox.

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Zuckerberg said the team would create “creative and expressive” tools to use inside Meta’s products.

“We’re exploring experiences with text (such as chats in WhatsApp and Messenger), video with images (creative Instagram filters and ad formats), and multi-modal experiences,” Zuckerberg said. “We have a lot of foundational work to do before we can really get to the experiences of the future, but I’m excited about all the new things we’ll be building along the way.”

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For example, the large language model created by OpenAI is integrated into a Microsoft Bing Chatbot Plus a separate chatbot called ChatGPT. Google Also working on a chatbot named Bard.

On Monday, Snap announced that it will integrate the ChatGPT bot into its Snapchat app.

Last week, Meta announced its new large language model called LLaMA. Meta said at the time that its models are prestigious because they are available to researchers and they are smaller and less expensive than larger models.

But the announcement was also a sign that Meta, which does a considerable amount of research into artificial intelligence, won’t let competitors pass by in the AI ​​race.

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