September 24, 2023

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Elon Musk accused the US media over the weekend of being “racist” against whites and Asians, a questionable claim that comes as the billionaire’s latest shot against the media following his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter that made him one of the world’s most influential people. put in charge of one of the most powerful. Information Forum.

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“The media is racist,” Musk Tweeted early Sunday, explaining: “For *too* long, the American media was racist against non-white people, now they are racist against white and Asian people.”

This is Musk’s most recent, and perhaps most strongly worded, tirade at the media since he took over Twitter in October.

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In recent months, musk have slammed Widespread presence of “propaganda” in “mainstream media” and targeted various news outlets, claim of Insider “is not a genuine publication,” and Close Washington Post What he claimed was false reporting.

In December, Musk banned several prominent technology journalists who covered him for a long time, later restoring their Twitter accounts after severe backlash.

Musk also dismissed Twitter’s old verification process, in which journalists could receive blue checkmarks without charge, as “corrupt”.

main background

The Weekend Rant Responded to Thread Slamming Coverage of an Anti-Black Tide dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams, who suggested that white Americans should “shut the hell out of black people” and called black Americans a “hate group”. Claims of racism against white people are often whistleblowers for white supremacist ideas, According to various civil rights groups. musk agreed “Colorblindness” was suggested with a Twitter reply on Sunday, a salute to ties, a topic To a large extent Agreed is problematic because it minimizes race-specific conflicts of certain groups.

forbes valuation

Musk is worth $197 billion forbes‘ Estimated, the second largest fortune in the world. He is $10 billion away from reclaiming his crown as the world’s richest person, behind only French luxury tycoon Bernard Arnault. Much of Musk’s wealth comes from his roughly 13% stake in Tesla, the electric vehicle giant he leads as CEO. Tesla shares rose more than 5% in early Monday trading as anticipation built for its investor day event on Wednesday in which Musk and Tesla brass will outline The company’s “long-term expansion plans.”

tangent line

Musk reportedly fired nearly 200 Twitter employees over the weekend, reducing its already dwindling workforce by about 10%.

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