January 31, 2023

to the Editor:

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Great read for “stay at home” investors trying to buy healthcare stocks (“How to Invest in Medicare Now,” Cover Story, Sept. 23). I like Neil Kaufman’s pick of Inspire Medical Systems. their fundamental analysis and baron’s Reporting reminds me of the good old days when Peter Lynch, Mario Gabelli, John Neff, and others. offered their ideas, which is why I started buying baron’s in the late 1970s. Great ideas from real analysts and portfolio managers, not marketing people trying to make a living.

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Luis Acevedo, at Barrons.com

to the Editor:

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I’ll be with Amgen. It increases its dividend by 10% every year, meaning your cash payout doubles every seven years. While dividends are, of course, taxable, the annual 10% growth should stay ahead of inflation.

Ray Noeck, at Barrons.com

to the Editor:

Why bother with any mutual fund when there are many exchange-traded funds in the healthcare sectors, including biotech? Last years were biotech darlings. Everyone piled into them. Now it’s a different story. I use long and short ETFs with the swing trading technique and am doing fine.

In general, the cheapest and best options are Health Care Select Sector SPDR and Vanguard Health Care Index.

Sundar Nilavar, at Barrons.com

fed blazoning

to the Editor:

Randall W. Forsyth’s Up and Down Wall Street column was packed with facts pulled together in a meaningful perspective (“The Fed Wants to Beat Back Inflation. It’s Bad News for Investors,” Sept. 23).

This time it’s really different. The government should adopt policies for speedy repair of the supply chain, and tighten fiscal policies to keep inflation under check. Beating the working class, along with aggressive moves by the Federal Reserve, would in itself only result in devastation.

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George Powell, Carmel Valley, Calif.

Happy r?

to the Editor:

Thanks, Nicholas Jasinski, for scaring me off the weekend (“September was bad for investors. October could be worse,” Trader, Sept. 23). I’ll go to a gin and tonic and forget about it until Monday morning.

Peter Lobo, at Barrons.com

junk cef

to the Editor:

You can’t be a foot investor in closed-end funds and expect to do well (“Junk-Bond Yield Tops 8%. This Could Be a Good Time to Buy,” Sept. 23). However, if you’re willing to do some research and wait for a selloff like this, you can snag some really good deals and decent yields. I would recommend choosing a CEF with a leverage ratio of around 30% or less. With regard to BlackRock Corporate High Yield, the fund is offering an entitlement to raise capital to take advantage of the volatility in the high-yield market. CEFs also have the ability to repurchase shares to manage a discount on their net asset value.

I also like the willingness to use return of capital to help maintain payout levels, as it did in 2020, 2021, and 2022. I last bought CEF during the Covid sale and sold it early last year when it was nearing peak. , The current sell-off is giving the same opportunity,

Brent D. Peterson, at Barrons.com

Boomer’s Revenge

to the Editor:

In Jack Hough’s Streetwise column (“Stocks Sinking and Rates Are Rising. It’s Painful, But We’re Heading for Normal,” September 23), he writes, “I probably haven’t heard a word about the irreplaceable cartoon monkey token. . three months.” it reminds me of a quote in baron’s From February 2021. “Boomer tells millennials, ‘What are you, growth or value?’ And he goes, ‘I’m a meme investor, and I’m kicking your ass.’ Today’s Boomer response: “Not anymore, and you can never be the same again.” At the time, this Boomer would have smiled politely at the thought that someone just needed to learn a few lessons from themselves.

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Tom Vardy, Providence, RI

Hurricane Stock

to the Editor:

I read with interest “More power crunch make ‘Hurricane stock’ a buy. Shares may rise 50%,” Sept. 22). I’ve held the stock for about four years now, and it “generates” consistent profits. And what did you eat? No competitor comes close. With the increase in extreme weather events, Janek has a charged future. I will buy more.

Patty Duffy, Grand Blanc, Mich.

Ford Goes Electric

to the Editor:

Al Root acknowledges that his earlier story was too optimistic and then adds that Ford Motor’s most recent report “contains good news as well.” I’d say “Slivers” is correct (“Ford stock is still a buy, despite supply issues. Here’s why,” follow-up, Sept. 23).

But if an investor is in a position to invest for the long term, I agree that Ford’s commitment to electric vehicles makes it an attractive stock. I am not sure if I will buy it today, but I will keep an eye on it.

It all depends on how well Ford does in the competition in the global EV market.

Margaret Mahar, at Barrons.com

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