September 24, 2023

OpenAI launches a ChatGPT iphone app Its CTO Meera Murati on Thursday said on twitter, An Android version is coming soon, he said.

The app is the first official mobile application for ChatGPT, a software program that gained over 100 million users shortly after its launch last year and forced the technology industry to rapidly adapt and invest in next-generation artificial intelligence applications.

In screenshots on Apple’s App Store, OpenAI says the app can answer questions such as “what are unique custom birthday gift ideas for my coffee-loving mom” or explain how to politely accept an invitation to a concert. be rejected The company also accepts ChatGPT app voice input said in a blog post,

ChatGPT was previously available online on OpenAI’s website, as well as through an application interface used to build third-party applications. Apple’s App Store has previously hosted several apps that use OpenAI’s software, but none were from OpenAI itself.

ChatGPT is the best-known example of a “large language model”, a type of machine learning application that trains on terabytes of data in order to be able to return long paragraphs or output of computer code that looks like a human.

The app is free, although it includes a $20 per month in-app purchase through Apple for ChatGPT Plus, a subscription to OpenAI that provides additional features.

The app is only available in the US for now, Murati said.

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