September 24, 2023

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Today every second counts and timely decision making is essential. The defense industry is no different, and making the right decisions quickly can often be a matter of life and death. This is where Scale AI comes in handy. It provides artificial intelligence-driven solutions that allow defense operators to quickly and accurately understand large amounts of data. Scale AI recently unveiled two groundbreaking platforms designed for governments and enterprises – Scale Donovan and Scale EGP. Fox Corporation and Koch Industries are already using Scale EGP in their operations. On the other hand, Scales serves as the AI ​​co-pilot for the Donovan Defense.

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Introducing Scale Donovan – The Ultimate AI Copilot for the Defense

Scale Donovan is designed to help defense operators understand, plan and act in minutes instead of weeks. Donovan uses a large amount of structured and unstructured data. Hence, using simple natural language helps operators and analysts to understand any aspect of the real world within minutes. The platform combines these insights with Scale’s proprietary and state-of-the-art models to generate summary reports, COAs, and more. This allows teams to maximize staff bandwidth and achieve mission success.
With Scale Donovan, teams can optimize military operations and intelligence gathering. Furthermore, it can make the process faster and more accurate, thus ultimately saving lives.

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What Makes Scale AI Unique?

What Makes Scale AI Unique?  It uses generative AI in a way that is reliable, secure and moves at the pace of the world around us today.
While AI has been a buzzword, implementing AI solutions is not easy. Businesses must face a number of challenges in order to make AI a reality. This is where Scale AI sets itself apart. Governments and businesses need a partner that can provide the battle-tested tools and expertise to harness generative AI that is reliable, secure and runs at the pace of the world around us today.

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Scale AI has developed two platforms to solve these problems – Scale Donovan and Scale EGP. These platforms provide a full-stack solution for enterprises and government agencies to leverage large language models (LLMs) without exposing data to third-party AI companies.

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Scale AI's Groundbreaking Platforms, Donovan and EGP Offer Solutions to Businesses' Challenges in Implementing Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Scale AI’s groundbreaking platforms, Donovan and EGP, offer solutions to the challenges businesses face in implementing artificial intelligence solutions that are reliable, secure and run at the pace of the world around us today. Scales Donovan, in particular, serves as the AI ​​copilot for the Defense. Thus, operators are helped to make critical decisions in minutes instead of weeks, ultimately saving lives. The defense industry has never been more important. With innovative solutions from Scale AI, we can ensure that our defense operators have the tools to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

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