October 3, 2023

Sports Illustrated The company is the most recent to come under fire for partnering with a transgender model after it featured Grammy winner and singer-songwriter Kim Petras as one of four models on the cover of its 2023 Swimsuit Edition.

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The Conservatives have focused transgender people in their legislative crosshairs, with hundreds of gender-biased care bills proposed by legislators across the country since the start of the year.

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Companies have experienced backlash from partnering with transgender influencers, with conservatives speaking out against Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in April, such as lining up Bud Light cans and shooting at beer cans with guns. Responding to violent outbursts.

Recently, a discussion on Twitter centered around Sports Illustrated to feature Petras – half-submerged in a crystalline blue body of water and donned in a bejeweled gold bikini top – on the cover of one of the highly anticipated Swimsuit Edition magazines.

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The unveiled cover drew critical reactions from both women and men, with many condemning Sports Illustrated For the choice of its model.

“The 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model is a biological male with fake boobs. I really hope men are #Complete With Sports Illustrated,” political scientist Scarlett Johnson Tweeted,

“How would you like to be a Sports Illustrated supermodel and find out they didn’t choose you, but instead chose a trans being on the cover of the Swimsuit Edition?” a self proclaimed maga fan Tweeted with the image of Sports Illustrated cover.

“The cover model of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2023 is a man,” another person couple,

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The three other cover models are Megan Fox, Martha Stewart, and Brooks Nader.

This is not the first time Sports Illustrated, which has been praised for its inclusive efforts, featured a transgender model on the cover of its Swimsuit Edition magazine. In 2021, Leyna Bloom was pictured in a beautiful white swimsuit with a plunging neckline.

Disappointing stereotypes, Petras, a German-born stunner who performed “Unholy” with fellow singer-songwriter Sam Smith after becoming the first transgender woman to win a Grammy Award, is a household name in the transgender community for nearly two decades, 12 years After starting hormone replacement therapy at the age of .

In 2009, Petras, then 16 when she had the procedure, was the youngest person in the world to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Germany usually does not allow such operations until the age of 18, so Petras had to convince psychiatrists and a court that she should have the surgery.

in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Petras, now 30, said posing as a cover model for the Swimsuit Edition was a “huge dream come true” for her.

The cover model opportunity came just before the June 23 release of her major-label debut album “Feed the Beast”.

newsweek Polygon contacted Petras as well as a representative for her label by email for comment.