October 7, 2022

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Sydney carbon reduction startup Greener has partners with Peak Retail Group, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), for a simple and affordable way to help small businesses tackle emissions reductions.

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In partnership, Greener will co-design a new digital solution, called Greener Business, to help ARA members understand and prioritize the steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

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The clean tech startup’s first-to-market solution gives retailers and hospitality businesses the opportunity to demonstrate positive steps they’ve taken to reduce emissions, then draws on a library of best practice interventions to develop a customized action
Plan and reward positive changes with consumer-facing trust marks.

Tom Ferrier, co-founder of Greener, said that 96% of small to medium businesses want to get greener, but don’t know how or whether to hire a sustainability manager to achieve their ambitions.

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“To fill this gap between inspiration and knowledge, we have worked with ARA to build Greener Businesses. This proprietary platform works hard for these businesses by helping them create their own personalized path to zero emissions and waste, “They said.

“The best news is that it brings these businesses new customers to their efforts. Greener Businesses reflect our vision of creating a new green economy, where every dollar spent will help end climate change. To do is carbon neutral.”

More at getgreener.com.

Greener co-founder Tom Ferrier spoke to the Startup Daily Show to explain how the startup’s software solutions are helping businesses reach their net zero goal, as well as helping consumers and others address the issues of climate-friendly companies. With company-wide ambitions to help but.

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