September 30, 2023

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Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded founders and mentors who can provide you with the right resources and advice to set you up for success. This feeling of alienation is especially true for female-identifying entrepreneurs, who face additional obstacles on their entrepreneurial journey, such as receiving less funding than their male-identifying counterparts.

In partnership with the BDC, we spoke to female-identifying entrepreneurs from across Canada about their unique journeys and the importance of community support in entrepreneurship.

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Meet Christine Lu, founder of CL Designs and Brand Party Podcast

What is your elevator pitch to the world? How does it improve the lives of the customers?

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I specialize in cel design and brand party podcast. I help purpose-driven businesses create cohesive branding, web design and marketing collateral to increase your impact and sales. My mission is to create with integrity and communicate with positive impact. As featured in the Top 10 Canada Design and New + Noteworthy lists of Apple Podcasts, the Brand Party podcast shares fun, honest and actionable tips that you can immediately apply in your entrepreneurial journey.

What is the “why” behind what you do?

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I traded climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world because my creativity needed a new challenge, and I wanted to change the world. I knew there was so much more I could accomplish and help others without being defined by a title or limiting my creativity.

If it’s not challenging you (in a good way), if you’re not learning from it, or enjoying it, then you really should ask yourself why you’re doing it.

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Due to some personal health scare and some loved ones passing away at an impressive age, this has inspired me to live life on my own terms as it is short. It’s all about spending it doing what I love most, with whom I love most, and spending my time efficiently. Through the work I do with Catalysts of Design, I can inspire others to create their bold legacies.

What is your big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) of how you will change the world?

I’m living the life of my dreams! My BHG aims to help more businesses in the purpose-driven and non-profit space. I hope to lead by example and show others a non-traditional way of living and building their own business through entrepreneurship. My goal is to inspire others to get back to what is most important to them.

My catalyst for this is through my VIP Design Days, which are all you need to check off your design wishlist in one day. Yes, you heard that right! After earning my stripes in the fast-moving world of media, and learning firsthand the challenges faced by startups through my journey (sometimes the hard way!), I came across lean and efficient design and branding. Wanted to provide services that could liberate businesses. To continue doing what they are best at. These VIP Design Days allow business owners to reclaim quality time with their families, expand their business in a way that feels integral to them, and have more bandwidth to do what they love .

Having the privilege of taking an entire month off in my life and business, doing it two years in a row, has been the ultimate reminder to slow down and enjoy this journey we call life. It has allowed me to creatively recharge and better serve my customers in the process. You don’t need to sacrifice your life for your work alone. When your values ​​align, these things are able to co-exist.

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How has being a part of a startup support organization helped you grow?

Startup Canada and the startup community have always been leaders in sharing the stories and experiences of entrepreneurs in this community. They are generous with the resources they provide including events, podcasts, grant opportunities and more! Having access to it, has continued to inspire me and inspired me on how I can inspire others in the same way that I am moving forward.

What is the one piece of advice you wish you knew before you started?

Focus on profit, not gap. There is so much pressure from society and people close to us that we do not need another bully within us to destroy what we want in life. Focus on the progress you’ve made, how far you’ve come, rather than what’s missing or lacking. For example, if in your first year of business, your goal was to generate $50K in revenue, but you happened to generate $35K, focus not on the achievement of how much you generated, but the impact you made. But also note, not that you were $15K short of your goal. This attitude of gratitude and celebration won’t let you on your “sunny days” as an entrepreneur.

Where is the best place for individuals to learn more about you and your business?

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The celebration continues…

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