October 3, 2023

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The place is full of beautiful landscapes, memorable monuments and interesting cities ready to “enchant” any visitor. The legendary country of Mexico has been a great “crossroads” of different cultures for centuries, with a reputation that extends far beyond the country’s borders. A destination that lends itself to extraordinary and unforgettable experiences and should not be missing from every traveller’s list. We have decided to honor this special place by mentioning some key points that aspiring travelers should know so that they are fully prepared for what they are about to encounter.

a few words about the country
Mexico is located in the American continent and specifically in North America. It is found as far south as the United States and as far north as the Caribbean islands. It has a population of over 126 million and, like the US, is divided into 31 states. It is a completely Spanish speaking country; However, tourist accommodation is facilitated by the good use of English by a large proportion of Mexicans, mainly due to the border with the United States. The national currency is called the Mexican peso.

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mexican nature
Mexican nature landscapes provide stunning images with striking features rarely found anywhere else. They are characterized by different tones of beauty and diversity, as in the territory of Mexico, we find tropical forests and vast jungles, to vast coastlines and “unsurpassed” deserts. There are also beautiful valleys surrounded by towering mountains and gushing rivers. In all this, Mexican nature has the opportunity to unleash the “magic” and diversity that characterizes it with the existence of many species of flora and fauna. Isolated and rare animals have the opportunity to live in their natural environment and preserve species that are disappearing on other continents, despite the fact that many forests and jungles are not far from habitable areas.

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famous mexican dishes
The popularity of Mexican cuisine and its popularity in the world is easily proven by simple research in restaurants around the world. However, nowhere does the taste and quality of Mexican cuisine reach the unmatched authenticity that we find in their “homeland”. Delicious, traditional dishes straight from the “source” from which they were first prepared entice every visitor, despite the familiar hot chilies that are often their specialty. Among other things, the most popular dish in Mexico is the burrito which consists of meat, fish or legumes covered in a tortilla. Then come the well-known tacos, where thin slices of roast on a spit are served with tortillas, onions and often pineapple. It is also worth mentioning the excellent pozole soup. This recipe has green chillies, cumin seeds, garlic, chicken and corn.

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attractive livelihood of the people
A walk through Mexican cities is enough to convince the visitor of the constant tension of the local population and the pleasant atmosphere created through this. Mexicans are comfortable and proud of their country. Local and traditional music can be heard frequently and loudly, and locals invite enthusiastic tourists to dance without a second thought. They think it’s a great thing that people from all over the world come to their country and it obliges them to show their best and most helpful selves. It can be found in countless and varied types and temperaments of catering establishments – from sophisticated restaurants to simple taverns and street food, offering the visitor a wide variety of choices. They will usually promote Mexican flavors in food and wine to tourists as they believe this is the best option.

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Lastly, I have to mention the risks that should be considered by the visitor. The country of Mexico is unfortunately famous for the flourishing drug cartels and rampant corruption that has existed for many decades. These factors sometimes contribute to the existence of rampant crime, organized and not just petty brawls on city streets by minorities of the population. However, relevant surveys show that the country is not the destination of the maximum high-risk scale, and the risk varies radically depending on the region. In any case, a trip to Mexico is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. The diversity of cities, the “meeting” of many historical cultures in one country, and its livability rank Mexico into a must-see destination for every traveler. However, it is suggested that the tour be organized and undertaken under the guidance of experienced and well prepared staff.

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