October 3, 2023

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A few days ago, I decided to get a different perspective on PeerInnovation – a value proposition I introduced to the market upon publication of my third book, PeerInnovation: What Peer Advisory Groups Can Teach Us About Building High-Performing Teams. After developing my own narrative to describe what this meant, it occurred to me to get a second opinion – one that would involve more than editing or reframing my work; I needed a fresh perspective from a broad base of intelligence.

It seemed like the perfect job for my new app AI Chat (ChatGPT). I took several requests, including two that I’ll share with you in this article: 1) Define PeerInnovation, and 2) Write a 1,000-word article about how PeerInnovation can make teams high performers.

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Instead of receiving answers that featured my own work that could be drawn from my books, hundreds of articles, blog posts, and podcasts, I received a fresh look that far exceeded my expectations. I want to share both responses and invite you to consider Ask AI Chat about your business. You may be surprised by what you learn.


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Peerinnovation is the process of fostering innovation and growth within a peer group or community. It involves collaborative efforts between individuals to share knowledge, skills, and ideas to create new or improved products, services, or processes, and ultimately to achieve a common goal. Peernovation encourages a culture of learning, experimentation and collaboration, where everyone contributes their unique experiences and expertise to achieve a collective vision. It is a dynamic process that transforms the traditional hierarchical model of innovation into a more inclusive and agile system where everyone can contribute and benefit.


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Peernovation is a concept that is gaining momentum in recent years. It focuses on using peer-to-peer collaboration and innovation to drive better performance in teams. This approach involves harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of team members to solve problems, generate new ideas, and drive positive change.

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PeerInnovation’s idea is rooted in the belief that traditional top-down management structures are insufficient for today’s fast-paced and complex business environment. Instead, it advocates a more bottom-up approach where team members can actively contribute their thoughts and ideas.

In this article, we explore how peer innovation can improve team performance in today’s workplace.

increased engagement
One of the key benefits of peer innovation is that it encourages team members to become more engaged and invested in their work. When team members are given the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas, they feel a sense of ownership over their work. This sense of ownership boosts motivation and drives them to work harder and smarter. Highly engaged teams are more productive, creative and committed to achieving their goals. With Peernovation, teams can collaborate on projects and use their collective experiences and expertise to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions. better problem-solving
Peernovation involves a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Instead of relying solely on the expertise of managers or leaders, team members are encouraged to share their ideas and help overcome challenges. This approach leads to more innovative solutions because team members bring diverse perspectives and creativity. Peernovation can result in novel solutions as team members collectively share ideas, thoughts and experiences to come up with solutions that might not have been possible otherwise. increased trust
Peernovation creates a more open and transparent work environment. When team members are given a platform to share ideas and thoughts, it builds trust among team members. It fosters a culture of collaboration and unites team members towards a common goal. When leadership actively fosters collaboration within the team and recognizes team members’ contributions and achievements, team members become more motivated and loyal to the company. Peernovation leads to the establishment of trust and creates an organization that is ready to fully embrace, support and encourage growth. Better Diversity and Inclusion
With PeerInnovation, diverse teams are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas. This diversity may include ethnicity, gender, age, career experience, etc. Diverse teams can bring a broader pool of expertise and knowledge that complements the skill sets of team members. Such teams promote inclusivity, thereby expanding the talent pool of the team. This can lead to more creative solutions to problems and a deeper understanding of customer needs. Peernovation encourages diversity, making it easier for team members to share their ideas and collaborate in a more inclusive way. fast decision making
Traditionally, managerial structures can be bureaucratic and slow down the decision-making process. However, PeerInnovation’s bottom-up approach can accelerate the decision-making process by enabling teams to take on additional responsibilities for decision-making. Pirinnovation focuses on the merits of the idea, rather than the hierarchical position of the team member. Furthermore, Peernovation can empower team members to be more accountable for their decisions resulting in better results. Additionally, teams can enjoy greater agility as they are able to brainstorm, evaluate and communicate new ideas while improving continuously. increased innovation
The traditional approach of relying solely on the expertise of managers and leaders can stifle innovation within a team. PeerInnovation, on the other hand, is founded on the belief that every team member can bring fresh ideas and creativity to the table. A collaborative culture leads to coming up with more innovative solutions to both routine and complex problems. Peernovation empowers team members to take risks and try new things, knowing they have the support of the team behind them. Innovative teams are more agile, flexible and adaptable to change – key factors needed for success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Ultimately, the Peernovation approach has the potential to transform companies by improving the performance of teams. By encouraging collaboration and information sharing, it creates a culture of trust, diversity, inclusion and innovation, leading to better results and achieving organizational objectives. The traditional top-down approach is proving too slow to adapt to the demands of today’s fast-paced business environment. Companies adopting Peernovation can benefit from improved performance, increased loyalty and higher engagement levels.


Not a single segment is anything I’ve ever written or spoken about on this topic, yet it captures both the essence and details of PeerInnovation in a way that gives me new language for the future. If you’re looking to articulate how to convey your value proposition to your employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, community leaders, etc., AI Chat can help.

The only thing that impressed me more than the depth and accuracy of the responses was the fact that I got answers to both of my questions in less than a minute. I’ll just add that PeerInnovation also links human collective intelligence and artificial intelligence – a term I doubt will change once we accept that there’s nothing artificial about it.

Written by Leo Bottry.
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