October 3, 2023

We’ve put together a list of the most common questions we hear from founders when it comes to raising seed funding. Then we sat down in front of the camera to answer them all!

Our Seed Funding video series equips founders with the knowledge and tools to avoid common pitfalls and get set up for success. Through the series, we cover four key aspects of seed fundraising:

The mechanics of venture capital Finding the right investors for your business Perfecting your pitch Getting the hype around your seed funding round

All of this information is framed in the context of what matters most at seed versus later stages.

Ready to get started? Let’s jump in

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Introduction to Seed Funding for Startups

Underscore VC partner Lily Lyman provides an overview of seed investing from three perspectives: founder, venture investor, and limited partner. She also shares information to help founders determine whether raising venture capital is right for their business.

Seed Round Valuation: How Much Is Your Startup Worth?

How do you determine seed round valuation? Underscore VC Operating Partner James Orciello shares an overview of valuations and tips for how to value startups for seed funding.

How to approach VC for funding

In this segment, Lily shares how to approach an investor and build a trusting relationship that sets your fundraising up for success.

Reference Checking: How to Check Potential Investors

Underscore VC Partner Richard Dulud shares how to vet an investor, both on a firm and individual level, so you can streamline your fundraising process and make the best choices for your business.

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What are investors looking for in seed investing?

How Much Traction Do You Really Need to Raise a Seed Round? Underscore VC investor Brian Devaney shares what investors are looking for in a team, market and product.

How to Give a Strong Startup Pitch

From scripting to rehearsing to ordering slides, Underscore VC partner Chris Gardner shares best practices for pitching your startup.

How to Talk About Your Team Slides into the Pitch Deck

From experience, to attitude, to strengths and weaknesses — Underscore VC investor Suh Cho shares what seed investors look for in a founding startup team.

How to Present Your Value Proposition Slides

Chris explains how to describe the problem you’re solving, the solution you’re building, and the customer’s pain—all in one value proposition.

How to balance long term vision with short term execution

It can be challenging for a founder to present a grand vision for a business — while also focusing on making progress in the here and now. Suh explains how to strike the right balance of vision and execution in your pitch.

How to outline your startup’s business model slide

Investors know that early-stage revenue models are likely to change over time — but they still want to hear what you’re thinking about it. Lilly explains what to look for when describing your business model in a seed-stage pitch.

How to view market size in your pitch deck

What is the most reliable way to measure your market opportunity? Richard shares best practices on how to calculate market size.

How to discuss your competitive landscape in your pitch

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Every business has competition—even if it’s not obvious. In the seed funding pitch, Chris sets out to talk about their competitive landscape.

How much seed funding should you raise?

How much money should I raise in seed round? Jimmy shares advice to help founders answer this question.

How Founders Can Prepare for the VC Due Diligence Process

What Should Founders Expect During Venture Capital Due Diligence? Brian walks you through the process and shares how to best prepare for it.

How to close your seed funding round

Even after getting the term sheet, a lot of work remains to be done. Jimmy shares tips for negotiating term sheets, working with legal counsel, closing the deal, and updating investors.

How to announce your seed funding

When you file your Form D with the SEC, it becomes public record. Get your ducks in a row before they get scooped. Underscore VC Marketing Director Devin Nash explains how to announce your seed funding.

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