September 24, 2023

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As we all know, Tik Tok is a search engine and not a platform for videos, so you can imagine how SEO can be important in Tik Tok. The web experts at SEO Copywriting Chicago have provided the answer to this question and created this comprehensive article to introduce you to Tik Tok SEO and explain how it works.

What is Tik Tok SEO?

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Yes, Tik Tok is not a search engine, at least not a typical one, but it does have a search bar which shows the existence of SEO. Just like in search engines you use keywords and analytics for content optimization, Tik Tok SEO also considers search engine optimization so that your videos appear in more search results. Thus, these results will appear not only in Tik Tok searches but also in Google, because although Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram and other social media results were not indexed by Google in the past, they now appear in SERPs . As Google now allows users to see TikTok in search results, you can expand the scale of your TikTok videos and get additional traffic from SERPs.

Therefore, SEO optimization of Tik Tok means optimization of Tik Tok content for Google, which also brings a huge profit and opportunity to appear in the most comprehensive search platforms.

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Implementing an SEO strategy for your Tik Tok will increase the visibility of your videos, increase engagement and attract more users. Additionally, a good SEO strategy will help you drive more targeted traffic, capture more followers, and increase your chances of going viral.

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Similar to search engines, Tik Tok is also important to increase the searchable elements of your videos and better engage with users.

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The TikTok platform also has an algorithmic practice that collects information about videos in order to understand what the video is about and to determine which users might find a particular video interesting.

What is the difference between TikTok and traditional SEO?

As TikTok is basically a platform for visual content, while traditional SEO considers text-based content, the purpose of optimization is different. Another variation is in a search technique. TikTok uses hashtags instead of keywords, but it is important for SEO to optimize hashtags/keywords to make them popular and relevant, and most likely users will apply them in their search.

There is also a difference between TikTok and traditional when it comes to measuring SEO success. The success of TikTok is measured by the level of engagement achieved by the videos or content. Engagement in Tiktok refers to the number of comments, shares and likes. Unlike traditional SEO whose core focus is on ranking and appearing in the highest possible position on SERPs.

How does TikTok SEO work? TikTok SEO Ranking Factors

The TikTok algorithm considers the following factors:

1) User interaction considers all the videos that the user has watched till the end, which have been added to users’ favorites, and which users have hidden or liked. These data are used by algorithms to determine which video will be presented to which user.

2) Video information such as hashtags, captions, music, sound effects, and relevant keywords in the title and description, popular topics, all contribute to the ranking of TikTok videos.

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3) Account settings such as language preference, country setting, mobile device type, and selected interest category that you have selected as a user.

Unlike traditional SEO, the TikTok algorithm does not consider the number of followers, giving good content equal opportunities for landing as the biggest TikTok names in your target audience.

6 Ways To Do Your TikTok SEO 1) Understand Your Audience

It is important to keep your target audience in mind when creating TikTok content, understanding who they are, their similarities, and what they want to see and your content should resonate with that. Knowing your audience will help you improve your SEO by crafting beer titles and better descriptions for your videos. This will help users find you more easily.

2) Keyword Research

Keyword research can also help your target audience find you. Research what your target audience uses when searching for TikTok content that suits yours. In addition to keywords, look for relevant phrases. This way you will build up a list of valuable hashtags that will contribute to your SEO.

Adding keywords to your titles, descriptions, captions and more by speaking into your videos. Videos with spoken keywords are preferred by the TikTok algorithm.

Also, integrate major keywords in your TikTok profile, this will give searchers an idea of ​​what your content is about.

3) Create a microblog

Microblog that discusses and reviews a certain topic in your TikTok videos is the way to make your TikTok content a part of Google search. The title and content in the microblog post should include the same keywords that are in your TikTok hashtags. Every microblog post must necessarily include an embed TikTok video that is relevant to the post.

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4) Join other Tiktok accounts

Associating with other TikTok creators will help you gain traction. Select successful brands and creators in your niche and comment on their posts. This also applies to your audience. Following and commenting on your audience’s posts is one way to build a strong relationship.

5) cooperation

Collaboration with other TikTok creators is a great way to grow your audience. Prominent names in your niche can also inspire you to create popular yet unique content. Participating in various TikTok user challenges can also increase your video views.

6) Track SEO Progress

SEO requires constant monitoring and refinement. TikTok analytics tracking will provide you with insight into who is performing well, what kind of engagement you keep, and other important data. Understanding this information will give you an idea about the aspects you should improve such as topics or keywords could be.

final thoughts

As you can see, TikTok also needs SEO but thankfully it is a bit less complicated than traditional SEO. The provided tips will definitely help you build a solid SEO strategy that will increase the views and engagement of your TikTok videos and make you go viral.

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