September 24, 2022

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What should my business consider when choosing a mobile BI solution?

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As a business considers the implementation of a BI tool and access to enhanced analytics for its business users, it must carefully define its needs to meet its corporate goals and the needs of its user. In today’s on-the-go work environment, mobile BI and the concept of an enhanced analytics app are essential components of an analytics strategy.

‘Make sure the mobile BI solution doesn’t require expensive, extensive customization of the dashboard or app to meet your business and user needs.’

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Gartner predicts that, ‘Data literacy will become an obvious and essential driver of business value, as demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analysis strategies and change management programs.’

If a business wants to encourage data literacy and increase business value, it must choose its analytical tools and solutions carefully. In this article, we provide a short list of factors your business should consider when selecting a business intelligence and augmented analytics tool with mobile capabilities.

support for devices

Make sure your solution offers mobile support for iOS and Android, with a seamless user experience that accommodates all screen sizes and resolutions.

Out-of-the-box functionality

Make sure a mobile BI solution doesn’t require expensive, extensive customization of dashboards or apps to meet your business and user needs. Features and functionality should be out-of-the-box so you can get started right away.

access to important features

Some mobile analytics solutions provide restrictive access and limit read-only access, or display only pieces of information from data sources. Make sure your mobile BI app provides intuitive dashboards, graphs, key performance indicators (KPIs), PDF reports and natural language processing (NLP) searches within the mobile app. Users should be able to login, browse and search for items and perform interactive analysis, with access to ‘favorite’ and recently used items.

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Integration with file formats

Your Augmented Analytics app should allow users to access objects via PDF and XLS and share data via WhatsApp, email or other sharing apps.

proper security and access

The Mobile BI solution should provide defined access rights and security on the server to ensure security and privacy and to ensure the right level of access based on the user’s credentials.

mobile hosting

Your Augmented Analytics app should be flexible and agile enough to be hosted from anywhere within the IT infrastructure – on campus, or through a public or private cloud.


Make sure the augmented analytics provider isn’t charging expensive add-ons for the mobile app. If you currently have a license for augmented analytics, the Mobile BI app should be a handy add-on, with no expensive fees, and it should be easy to download and implement and easy for users to adopt and use quickly. Should be.

‘In today’s on-the-go work environment, mobile BI and the concept of an enhanced analytics app are essential components of the analytics strategy.’

Explore Smarten Mobile Augmented Analytics and Mobile BI and add powerful functionality and accessibility to your business users with out-of-the-box mobile BI and advanced analytics for every team member in your enterprise. For more information on Mobile BI and Augmented Analytics, read our article, ‘Considering a Mobile BI App? Understand about Mobile Augmented Analytics before you choose one, and ‘Importance of Adding Mobile BI App to Augmented Analytics Strategy’.

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