September 24, 2023

A year after Russia’s invasion of its neighboring country, the US needs to be more clear about whether its support for Ukraine is to reclaim the Crimean region, which was annexed in 2014, according to Sen. Dan Sullivan. In was captured by President Vladimir Putin.

Comment from the Alaska Republican on NBC meet the Press On Sunday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the same show that the question of Crimea is later down the road.

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The national security adviser said, “The question for us is how do we put Ukraine in the best position on the battlefield so that they are ultimately in the best position at the negotiating table.” meet the Press,

But whether the US would help Ukraine take Crimea back militarily, Jake Sullivan said, “The question of Crimea and the question of what happens down the road is something we’ll come to. Where we are right now is that We need to focus on the immediate term.

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Sen. Sullivan, who appeared later on the same show, said the answer was not satisfactory. “I think he should have been more clear,” the Alaska lawmaker said. “I think it should be the territorial integrity of the whole country, including Crimea.”

The remarks came as GOP lawmakers criticized the Biden administration on Sunday for not sending Ukraine the F-16 jets it had sought.

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Rep. Michael McCaul, (R., Tex.), who chairs the House Foreign Relations Committee, told ABC This week Support among GOP voters for US aid to Ukraine is declining because “It’s taking too long. We’re not giving them the weapons systems they need.”

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The criticism comes as US officials warned about China possibly providing arms or other equipment to Russia, although last week they said there was no sign of that happening.

National Security Advisor Sullivan told CNN that China’s position is peculiar. “They know that going with Russia in this war in Ukraine will alienate a large number of countries with whom they are working hard to maintain good relations.”

William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told CBS’ face the nation Said in an interview on Sunday that Putin was “very confident” in his quest to bring Ukraine under control.

Burns told CBS, “In my experience, Putin’s view of Americans has been that we have attention deficit disorder, and we will eventually move on to some other issue.”

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